Cozz Returns With “Fortunate,” A Cautionary Tale Produced By T-Minus, J. Cole, Cedric Brown, & Kurzweil

Dreamville is on a roll this year. In addition to putting out J. Cole’s sixth studio album The Off-Season back in May, Dreamville has been pretty generous with output from its subsidiary artists, with J.I.D.’s “Skegee,”Bas’ “The Jackie,”Ari Lennox’s “Pressure,” and Lute’s Gold Mouf all released over the past several months. Now, after remaining quiet for most of 2021, one of the most senior Dreamville artists is back: Cozz.

For his first solo single since his Effected run in 2018, Cozz returns with “Fortunate,” a stunning cautionary tale about living on the edge. According to the Los Angeles-born rapper, his near-death experiences throughout his life heavily influenced the track. Furthermore, the song boasts production from Cedric Brown, T-Minus, J. Cole, and Kurzweil.

“This is a new version of Cozz but also still me so I’m excited for y’all to hear my range as an artist,” Cozz said upon the release of “Fortunate,” explaining the song’s distinct new style. “Fortunate to share this one with y’all. This is only the beginning and once this starts I ain’t stopping [flex emoji].”

Scroll down to watch the music video for Cozz’s first single of 2021, and let us know in the comments if the T-Minus, J. Cole, Cedric Brown, and Kurzweil-produced “Fortunate” was worth the wait.

Quotable Lyrics

We spend so much time tryna count up our money
That we never count up our days, ayy
A regular day in L.A
A nigga dies in the summertime over colors that fade, instead of a fade
A gun to the face, I know I got angels
’Cause otherwise I don’t know how a nigga survive


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