Creamy indulgence to complete your dish


Rich, creamy and utterly indulgent, that is the only description for this garlic mushroom sauce. With a well-selected combination of ingredients, this sauce will enhance the flavour of any dish you decide to serve with this sauce.

Mushrooms pair excellently with garlic. With the added cream, parmesan cheese, cream cheese, fresh herbs and seasoning, this sauce is a taste sensation you will not easily forget.

Serving suggestions for your garlic mushroom sauce

This luxurious sauce pairs excellently with pasta. The thick creaminess makes it a delicious pasta sauce that will tempt you to enjoy more than one bowl of warm pasta. The perfect comfort food for the cold winter months on the way!

If you like sauce on your steak, this mushroom sauce will complement the meat in a tasty way.

You can also enjoy this savoury sauce with ciabatta bread. To be honest, this sauce is so delectable, that you will be tempted to eat it on its own. Let us know in the comments if you have prepared this delightful sauce.

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