Curry chickpeas stuffed sweet potatoes: A savoury vegan dish


Meatless Monday comfort food coming right up with this delicious curry chickpeas stuffed sweet potatoes recipe. It is a simple dish that has so much to offer in terms of flavour. Frist, simmer the chickpeas in an aromatic curry coconut sauce and stuff them into the soft centre of sweet potatoes. If you try this vegan dish once, you will want to enjoy it at least once or twice a month.

Nutritional benefits of curry chickpeas stuffed sweet potatoes

Chickpeas contain loads of vitamins and minerals giving your body the nutritional punch it needs. It is a good idea to include chickpeas in your meals whenever you can as it is incredibly healthy. Chickpeas promote heart health, and it helps to manage your blood sugar. It further prevents constipation and can promote weight loss. If you are sensitive to gluten, chickpeas are an awesome ingredient to include in your diet.   

Like chickpeas, sweet potatoes are also loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Sweet potatoes promote your immune system, sharpen your brain function and may have cancer-fighting properties.

The list goes on and on! Trust us, this dish will give your health an amazing boost.

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