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D Smoke & SiR Rep Family Ties On “Common Sense”

D Smoke and SiR, two brothers with immense musical talent, are no strangers to collaboration. Today, the pair have come through with another one for the books in “Common Sense,” a single presumably designed for D Smoke’s upcoming album. The song clocks in at over five minutes, ample space for Smoke and SiR to stretch their legs and make their respective presence felt. 

For the most part, the instrumental remains consistent throughout, a steady drum-beat enhanced by a lush, jazzy arrangement. D Smoke opens things up with a verse at the onset, transitioning into a soulful melodic display from SiR. For the most part, however, the bulk of the song’s runtime consists of an atmospheric horn section — one that somehow manages to be both soothing and frantic at once.

It’s the exact sort of bold musicality that makes D Smoke such a refreshing presence in the game, and we’re eagerly awaiting to see what he cooks up on his next album. Check out “Common Sense” now.

Quotable Lyrics

What if what you believe don’t agree with what you perceive
On a beach with bikinis, butt shots and lust
Havin’ trust is a reach like Abdul Kareem
Life on your heels, a pair of Louboutins
Louboutins make good fuel for things

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