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DaBaby Jumps Into The Ring At Dubai Boxing Match


The “Suge” rapper came flying through the ropes like Rey Mysterio in 2009.

In the last couple of months, DaBaby has become one of the most polarizing figures in hip-hop.

Despite a handful of past transgressions, the “Suge” rapper’s homophobic at this year’s Rolling Loud festival in Miami was the figurative nail in the coffin. The latest case of someone getting “cancelled” for their words or actions, DaBaby’s rant and subsequent fallout has remained at the forefront of the rap game’s attention, due to multiple concert cancellations, and most recently, Dave Chappelle’s defense of the rapper in his Netflix special The Closer

Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

Along with Fat Joe’s conjecture that DaBaby is the 2021 version of Tupac Shakur, the Charlotte rapper has not been able to escape the spotlight and this past weekend, made a move to literally jump right in it. 

After escorting Rashid “Money Kicks” Belhasa to the ring ahead of Friday night’s (October 15) Social Knockout 2 boxing event at the city’s Coca Cola Arena, DaBaby made his presence known.

As Belhasa celebrated his victory over fellow social media influencer Ajmal Khan, DaBaby comes flying over the ropes and stalks right over to the winning boxer. In a confusing-looking, way-to-go type move, DaBaby gives Belhasa a little slap on the ribs and disappears off-screen.

Decked out in a couple of huge chains, the controversial rapper was impossible to miss and in the video footage of his insane ring entrance, the Instagram user who posted the incident can be heard dying of laughter. 

Whether or not this was a planned move to get DaBaby at center-stage during a social media influencer boxing event is unknown. What is known, however, is that DaBaby flying over the top rope and sprinting across the mat during a boxing match in Dubai is not a headline anybody expected and is much different than hitting the stage at Rolling Loud.

What do you think of DaBaby’s boxing ring entrance? Let us know in the comments. 




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