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Damian Lillard Sides With Will Smith After Chris Rock Slap


Many have expressed their takes on the Will Smith situation.

Almost 24 hours ago now, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in the face at The Oscars. It was a moment heard around the world, and it has pretty well dominated social media discourse today. Since the incident, Rock and Smith have managed to stay quiet, as they are probably handling these things behind the scenes. After all, you don’t want to make this situation any worse for yourself given how much it has been blown up as of late.

Since the event took place, Twitter has been a bit of a minefield. There are people who genuinely think this is some sort of assault on our values as a species, while others are just here for the mess. Regardless of where you stand, you were probably represented on social media today.

Plenty of people in the sports world were quick to comment on the slap, including none other than superstar point guard for the Portland Trail Blazers, Damian Lillard. While taking to Twitter, Lillard commented on the slap saying “Lot of mfs need this…” Needless to say, Lillard believes there are plenty of Chris Rocks out there who could use a slap or two once in a while.

As a professional basketball player, there are always critics speaking on things they know nothing about, and we’re sure Dame has felt like Will once in a while.

Let us know what you think of Dame’s take, in the comments below.


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