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Damson Idris Once Again Addresses Saweetie Romance Rumors


After the actor shared a video of the rapper playing the piano last year, people continue to believe they’re secretly dating.

He has previously attempted to lay rumors to rest, but Damson Idris is once again answering questions about Saweetie. Since the rapper split from Quavo, the public has attempted to tie her romantically to another industry star. When Saweetie sat next to Roddy Ricch at a basketball game, gossip spread about the pair before Ricch shut things down.

Back in November, Saweetie was captured playing the piano at home while Damson Idris was visiting, and immediately their fans speculated that the rapper and Snowfall actor were seeing one another. In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Idris once again explained their relationship.

“Me and that queen are just friends,” said the actor, who also noted that Saweetie is a “huge” fan of Snowfall. “She’s a great piano player, and I didn’t know she could play piano. I didn’t even think the world knew. I was like, ‘Oh this is a cool moment.’”

The pair went out to lunch to discuss potential future collaborations. “She wanted to show me her new place because I love CB2 and I was going to give her some ideas about furniture and art, and then boom, we went. She was playing the piano, that’s it. I was in there for five minutes and I dipped out. She’s a friend of mine.”

Idris emphasized that it wasn’t a date and hammered down that he is just friends with the rapper. Check it out below.


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