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Dana White Posts Hilarious Advice On How To Act Around Mike Tyson


Dana White couldn’t help but make light of Mike Tyson’s recent airplane experience.

Mike Tyson has been all over the news as of late and it isn’t exactly for the best of reasons. The boxing legend was on a JetBlue flight out of San Francisco on Wednesday night when he was approached by an unruly fan. Tyson was nice to the man at first, however, things eventually got out of hand as the fan threw a bottle at Tyson and continued to be disrespectful.

In the video down below, you can Tyson wailing at the man thanks to numerous punches to the face. The man was eventually left bloodied, and he had to be treated for his injuries. From there, Tyson got up and left the flight, all while the man went on to be uncooperative with authorities.

Lots of people have been going to social media with their opinions on what took place, including Dana White who knows Tyson very well. In fact, White posted a hilarious video in which Tyson can be seen ushering White out of his seat on a private jet. Of course, this is simply a skit but it is a good representation of how one should act around the boxer. White agrees as he posted the caption “Hey dummies, for future reference, this is how you stay alive when bumping into @MikeTyson on an airplane.”

White’s advice should certainly be respected considering what happened just a couple of nights ago. Tyson is not someone that you should be messing with and that JetBlue flight is a prime example of this.

Thankfully for Tyson, it doesn’t seem like he will be getting in any trouble for this occurrence. The fighter was even in Miami last night for a cannabis conference that was also attended by Rick Ross and Ric Flair.


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