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Daniel Cormier Goes In-Depth On Tyron Woodley’s Jake Paul Tattoo


Daniel Cormier also gave a breakdown of Woodley and Paul’s upcoming rematch.

Tyron Woodley will officially get a second chance against the likes of Jake Paul on Saturday, December 18th as the two will fight in Tampa Bay, Florida. Paul was supposed to fight against Tommy Fury, however, the British boxer is suffering from a broken rib and a chest infection, which has ultimately put him out of commission. Now, Woodley will have a shot at revenge as he looks to take down the man that beat him just a few months ago. 

Heading into this fight, fellow former UFC fighter Daniel Cormier has a lot to say. In a video posted to Cormier’s YouTube channel, he discussed Woodley’s upcoming fight and how he didn’t think it would happen. After Woodley got his “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo, the Paul brothers seemingly left Tyron in the dust, even though the tattoo was supposed to be a promise that a rematch would occur. As a result, Cormier was feeling pretty bad for Woodley, but now, he could not be any happier.

Jake Paul

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Per Cormier:

“At times, when this whole Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul thing was going on I may have come off as a bit of a hater because I didn’t want T-Wood to get the tattoo, I didn’t like the way the rematch was asked for, but guess what? It actually worked. And I’ve got to be honest, I can’t say I would be happier for anyone more than I am for Tyron right now, because he felt that he won the last fight and then, obviously he didn’t get the decision, and it felt like them kids were playing him.

“It felt like Jake Paul and his brother were gonna play Tyron, telling him he had to get a tattoo, Logan Paul saying, ‘Hey man, you had your chance.’ It felt like they were trying to play T-Wood, but honestly, Tyron did what he had to do, which even if you don’t agree with it, obviously there was some good favor with him getting the tattoo because otherwise they would’ve looked for someone else. I still have my same opinions on the tattoo but that don’t really matter right now because T-Wood gets the rematch.”

This fight should prove to be entertaining as both fighters have wildly different motivations. One man wants to get his knockout, while the other is simply fighting for pride. It’s going to make for a fascinating match and one that could determine whether or not Jake Paul can upgrade in terms of who he fights next.


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