The last week has been a crazy one for DaniLeigh. 

Last Sunday night, Instagram was set ablaze when she and DaBaby, the father of her child, spilled their real-life drama onto social media. 

The “Suge” rapper hijacked DaniLeigh’s Instagram Live, and filmed her while she breastfed their child, while maintaining that he was only filming her for his safety. DaniLeigh claimed that DaBaby tried to kick her and her child out of the house she had been living in for months, and after a handful of IG statements and insults were exchanged, DaBaby called the police on the mother of his child. 

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Imagesk

DaniLeigh was charged with simple assault, and ultimately left DaBaby’s home with their daughter the next day. 

In the days following their explosive social media exchange, DaniLeigh’s brother made it clear he wanted to box DaBaby, and Summer Walker reached out with words of encouragement and assured she would help with anything the “Cravin” singer needed. This weekend, DaniLeigh returned to IG, and thanked her followers for their support during such a difficult time. 

“I appreciate y’all DMs, and the stories y’all are sharing with me … I see a lot of women relating to me,” she wrote in an IG story. “And I can’t wait to inspire more and grow into the woman I’m supposed to be … thank you for your love and motivation.” 

While DaniLeigh does faces charges for simple assault, this simple message paints a much better picture than the one we saw last weekend. 

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