He’s doubling down on his comments to DaBaby in a new interview, but it is unclear if the rapper will take on the fight request from DaniLeigh’s brother. Brandon Bills watched with the rest of the world as his sister got into a public argument with DaBaby as the rapper told the mother of his newborn child to leave his home. 

The back and forth argument resulted in DaBaby calling the police on DaniLeigh and it is reported that she is facing simple assault charges related to the incident. Later, Brandon appeared online in a video where he challenged DaBaby to a fight.

“This crazy. This n*gga wanna call the cops on my sis. This n*gga wanna disrespect my sister online or the world to see, disrespect my family,” said Brandon at the time. “I’m sayin’. This ain’t even got nothing to do with my sister no more, bro. This gotta do with me and you.” In a new sit-down with Hollywood Unlocked, Brandon reiterated that he wanted to settle things physically.

He was asked who would win in a fight between himself and DaBaby. “I’mma knock him out,” Brandon said confidently. “I put $2 million on that sh*t. I got people right now, they’re telling me go put the bag up, bro. We could put this bag up. We could get millions. Million, bro! I will get in that ring and I will knock him out. He won’t even touch me. I promise you that. I put all my money on that.”

DaBaby’s reported fighting antics have been shared for years and they have often caused the rapper to face off with his alleged victims in court. However, Brandon is not swayed.

“He not touching me. He five feet tall. I been around him. He not touching me,” he added. “He done messed with the wrong person. I guess they underestimated me. I guess they thought I was some chump out here in L.A.” When Jason Lee suggested reaching out to Wack 100 to set up the fight, somehow that turned into Brandon sending threats Wack’s way, as well.

Check it out below.