Daz Dillinger In Mourning After He Claims Police Killed His Dog

Daz Dillinger In Mourning After He Claims Police Killed His Dog

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Daz makes it seem like the dog was trying to protect his home.

It’s always hard when you lose a pet. Pets become part of our family, and give us companionship and friendship along with unconditional love. When it comes to “mans best friend,” dogs all over the world are known for putting their own lives second to that of their owners. We’ve all heard stories about dogs saving lives and being protecting. Rap veteran Daz Dillinger recently admitted on social media that his own dog recently lost its life. It appears that Daz has a few Rottweilers, or at least has a business helping them find homes.

Daz hopped on Instagram to reveal that he lost his dog. In a post featuring pictures of Rottweiler, Daz writes, “POLICE 👮‍♀️SHOT MY DOGG 9-17-21 🐶IM SO SAD BUT HE WAS TRAIN TO DO WHAT HE DO 🌹RIP🌹to 🐶 JUICEMAN SHAKUR aka 2 PAC 🐶GOOD BOY JUICE ILL MISS U 🙏🏿.” The first picture shows the Rottweiler alive and well, but the second photo shows the dog dead and bloody. 

Daz saying that his dog was doing what “he was trained to do” implies that the canine was protecting the home or Daz himself. The circumstances surrounding the killing have not been revealed. However, it does not appear the Daz is in custody so it’s unclear what his mix-up with the police entailed. Condolences go out to Daz.

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