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Demaryius Thomas Reportedly Had CTE


Thomas tragically passed away last December.

Demaryius Thomas was a beloved wide receiver for the Denver Broncos. He got to play with some truly incredible players during his time in the NFL, and there is no doubt that his passing hit a lot of people hard. 

Back in December of 2021, Thomas passed away at his home after collapsing in the shower. When paramedics arrived at the scene, they were unable to revive him, and since that time, a cause of death has yet to be revealed. Football deaths have become all too common over the last decade or so, and since Thomas’ passing, his brain has been used for science as doctors wanted to see what could have led to his untimely death.

Demaryius Thomas

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

According to Bleacher Report, it has been revealed that Thomas was suffering from Stage 2 CTE. CTE is a disease that has become common among former NFL players. For those who do not know, CTE is a disease that can only be diagnosed after you have already passed away.

This disease has been known to inhibit a person’s decision making and it can also lead to depression, drug use, and various other destructive behaviors. 

CTE is no joke and the players throughout the NFL have certainly become more aware of it over the years. Playing football is a risk and many throughout the league have ultimately chosen to be okay with that risk. It’s a tough choice but it is one that has to be made with millions of dollars on the line.


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