Over the last few months now, Deshaun Watson has been dealing with allegations from 22 different women who claim that he sexually assaulted them during various appointments. These allegations have led to various investigations against him and even some massive lawsuits that are being carried out by various parties. The NFL itself has been in the midst of this investigation for a while and it seems unlikely that things will be resolved anytime soon.

In fact, Watson is looking to be traded right now and teams are wary of making any deals due to Watson’s situation. Moving forward, this is looking like something that will continue to be a problem as Watson will not be allowed to play until the NFL wraps up its various inquiries.

Deshaun Watson

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

According to reporter AJ Perez, the trade talks surrounding Watson have hit a huge snag and its all because of the ongoing investigation. The trade deadline goes down on November 2nd and based on all indications, the NFL will not be done with their inquiry by then. This effectively means Watson probably won’t play any football this season and even if he does, he could have to face a suspension.

This creates a very sticky situation for the Texans, who have tried to keep some normalcy throughout this entire fiasco. Stay tuned to HNHH as we will bring you more updates on this ongoing story.