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Deshaun Watson’s QB Coach Takes Huge Shots At Texans Receivers


Deshaun Watson is still trying to get out of Houston.

Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston right now, although it remains to be seen if and when he will be traded. The Texans seem convinced a trade is the only thing that makes sense right now, although no one knows which team Watson would want to play for. After being linked to the Miami Dolphins, it seems as though that is completely out the window given what happened to Brian Flores.

Now, Watson’s QB coach Quincy Avery is taking some shots at the Texans wide-receiving core. While on the “Ryen Rusillio Podcast,” Avery likened Watson’s teammates in 2020 to Walmart employees. It was pretty disrespectful, albeit an indication of just how strongly Watson and his team dislike the way the Texans have been run.

Deshaun Watson

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Per Avery:

“(People) might have forgot that his last year in Houston, when he played, he was carrying like three guys who could have been working at your local Walmart at the receiver position and he went absolutely berserk. If he gets on a team with any sort of talent around him, somebody’s going to have to really watch out.”

With the NFL offseason going down in just a couple of weeks from now, there is no denying that we will be in for some massive moves. With that in mind, stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest news and updates from around the league.

Deshaun Watson

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images



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