Detroit Lions Give Up One Of The Worst Turnovers You’ll Ever See

Detroit Lions Give Up One Of The Worst Turnovers You’ll Ever See

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The Lions continue to do what their franchise does best.

If you are a fan of the Detroit Lions then you know just how cursed the franchise is. They haven’t had very much success over the last decade and now that they are without Matthew Stafford, they are truly struggling. While Jared Goff has tried his best, the team remains winless so far this season and there is a fear that they could very well end up at 0-4 as they take on the superior Chicago Bears.

After giving up a 66-year field goal to the Ravens last week, the Lions were hoping that they could bounce back and get a win today, although it seems like fate is not on their side. Early in the game, Goff and the Lions gave up a terrible turnover, and fans can’t believe the team’s lack of luck. 

Jared Goff

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

As you can see in the clip below, Goff is trying to countdown the snap, when all of a sudden, the center snaps the ball while Goff isn’t paying attention. The ball then bounces off of Goff’s shoulder, onto the helmet of his lineman, and then right into the hands of a linebacker. The whole sequence is like something out of the Three Stooges and it had Lions fans everywhere facepalming in unison. 

At this point, making fun of the Lions is too easy, but if there is anyone to blame for that, it would have to be the Lions themselves. In fact, this team is making a great case for a relegation system like we see in European soccer.

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