Diddy & Joie Chavis Kiss On A Yacht: Twitter Reacts

Diddy & Joie Chavis Kiss On A Yacht: Twitter Reacts

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The internet is shook after Diddy and Joie Chavis were caught kissing on a yacht in Italy.

Diddy must have magic powers (or just too much money for his own good) because the hip-hop mogul seemingly gets with anybody that he wants. After being linked to rapper Yung Miami in dating rumors, Diddy made pop culture fanatics do a double-take after he was photographed on a yacht in Capri, Italy with Joie Chavis, Future and Bow Wow’s ex-girlfriend, locking lips in a passionate smooch.

During his vacation in Italy, Diddy was caught kissing Joie Chavis, seemingly confirming dating rumors. Chavis is the mother of Future and Bow Wow’s children, and she’s been around the entertainment industry for years. With Diddy getting wrapped up in new dating rumors every other month though, the world was shocked to learn that he had moved on from Yung Miami, making time for Joie on his boat.

As people continue to react to Diddy and Joie’s kiss, many are calling Diddy a “sugar daddy” and others are joking that the mogul loves to spend money on all of his female friends, but not on his artists. 

Somebody also pointed out how convoluted their relationship is, remarking that Diddy and Joie are now part of a love triangle octagon. 

“So Lori Harvey used to date Future and Bu Thiam, who are also Joie Chavis’ exes. Joie has a baby with Future, who also has a baby with Ciara, and Joie also has a baby with Bow Wow, who used to date Ciara. And now Joie is with Diddy, who used to date Lori Harvey. It’s a lot y’all,” they said.

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Take a look at some of the best reactions below and let us know what you think.

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