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Diddy & Kanye Link Up For “Superhero Sh*t


The two hip-hop icons were big cheesin’ in an IG pic posted to Diddy’s account.

Kanye West and Puff Daddy aka Diddy aka Sean Combs are two of hip-hop’s biggest icons. 

Dominating their respective fields for decades at a time, West and Diddy have both dictated some of the biggest trends in rap music and continue to push the envelope and dominate conversation to this day. 

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

With Diddy’s back and forth with Jermaine Dupri about Verzuz battles and Dupri’s arms not being long enough and West’s Donda rollout and never-ending cycle of rumors and drama surrounding his marriage with Kim Kardashian, both icons have seen their share of media attention recently and over the weekend, the pair kicked it at a house party and apparently had the time of their lives. 

Listening to Donda and presumably chopping it up about things every day, regular people just wouldn’t understand, Diddy and West were caught on video living it up and, in a photo posted to Puffy’s official Instagram account, the pair got into some “Superhero sh*t.”

Posted on a couch and surrounded by red Solo cups and a bottle on the table in front of them, Ye leans into Puff who’s flashing a smile for the ages. Rocking his customary full-faced mask with dark sunglasses and gloves, Kanye seems to be doubling down on his connection with Marilyn Manson who, in the midst of accusations of grooming and sexual abuse, appeared at the third and final Donda listening party in Chicago. 

A simple photo with a simple caption, this Diddy IG post is an interesting window into the lives of two of the biggest names in hip-hop and music itself. Most of the time we see people of this stature in clubs with expensive bottles or in private rooms sipping on rare wines but last night, we got to see a more human version of two icons, sipping out of the same plastic cups you’d find at a college football tailgate.

What do you think of Ye and Puff linking up? Will any music or business moves come out of this rendezvous? Let us know in the comments. 


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