Diplo Pens Lengthy Story Regarding His Alleged “Stalker” Sexual Assault Accuser

Diplo Pens Lengthy Story Regarding His Alleged “Stalker” Sexual Assault Accuser

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In a surprise move, Diplo shared how he met her, calling her an “obsessed fan” who tried to extort him. He even included a screen-recording of their DMs.

Following the news that he may face criminal charges related to those sexual misconduct allegations, Diplo has taken to his Instagram to set the record straight. The megaproducer and DJ has faced several accusations in recent months related to revenge porn and sexual assault, and while he has continued to deny the allegations against him, often airing out his accusers, he found his name in the headlines today after reports stated he may be facing serious legal trouble.

Hours ago, Diplo returned to Instagram with a lengthy post where he claims his accuser is a stalker who has tried to snake millions from him. “Here’s a story about how a stalker scammed her way into my life and tried to extort me for millions and then sued me when she didn’t get what she wanted,” he wrote in the caption to his tale.

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“It was my goal to never address a stalker,” Diplo wrote in his post. He only wanted to refer to her as SA and called her “an obsessed fan of mine.” Diplo claimed that after he “relinquished all contact with her,” she made it her goal to “disrupt my work, my business, harass me and my close friends and attack me and threaten my family.”

According to the award-winning musician, SA was not a minor when they spoke or had sex despite reports, and he claimed there are texts to prove his case. Diplo detailed their interactions, alleging that SA continued to reach out to him but he initially denied her. However, he did agree to meet up, and following that introduction, they texted for “a few months.” He says it “got too much to handle” so he cut off communication because “she had started to become obsessed with me.”

“SA would offer her friends and other people to have sexual experiences with, and that’s when I began to get suspicious that she was engaging in criminal activity, and was possibly a call girl.” He went on to share a series of DMs showing her alleged onslaught of messages to him. This one is quite the read, so swipe below to get through it all.

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