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DJ Khaled Has No Room To Add Any More Sneakers To His Insane Collection


DJ Khaled showed off his insane wall-to-wall sneaker collection.

Sneakers and hip hop have gone hand in hand for the better part of five decades. From Adidas shell toes to Air Jordans to Balenciaga trainers, sneakers have remained a staple in rap, and since the mid 1980s, a staple in American culture. 

While there are common sneaker threads that span generations and link sneakerheads across generations, the modern iteration of American sneaker culture has become convoluted, and is more about flipping sneakers for a profit, than actually actually wearing the shoe and building an outfit around it. And while sneakerheads like DJ Clark Kent have always boasted about the size of their collection, sneaker culture has certainly shifted in emphasis from quality to quanitity. 

Rich Fury/Getty Images

One of the biggest proliferators of this trend has been DJ Khaled. 

Over the years, Khaled has shown off his sneaker collection on countless occasions. It seems like every couple of months, we get an Instagram story from the “I’m On One” producer flexing all of the Jordan and Nike sneakers he’s amassed. 

However, in his most recent exploration into his dedicated sneaker room, Khaled revealed that he doesn’t currently have any more room for new sneakers. Displaying the wall-to-wall collection of seemingly every Jordan model from 1985 until now, Khaled wondered aloud how he was going to handle the massive collection.

“Man, what am I gonna with everything,” he asked his IG followers. “It’s so hard to find things. Golly … what am I gonna do?”

What do you think DJ Khaled should do with all of his sneakers? Let us know down in the comments.


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