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DJ Khaled’s New Drake Collaboration Is “Crazy” & “Coming Out Real Soon”


Khaled broke the news at his star-studded birthday party last night.

Drake and DJ Khaled are no strangers to collaborating on hits. Over the years, they’ve put out tracks like “GREECE,” “For Free,” “I’m On One,” and “POPSTAR,” just to name a few. At his 46th birthday party last night, the New Orleans-born producer shared that he and Drizzy have “anotha one” on the way.

The Canadian hitmaker couldn’t make it to the party, but he did drop in for a FaceTime call while Khaled opened an exquisite present – a green Rolex watch. “Oh shit, I’m on some Drake shit right here,” he says while marvelling at his new prize. “Drake, you know you started this shit, right? All these green diamonds and shit,” he says while his friend smiles back at him.

The host then takes a moment to thank all of his friends, reminding them how much he loves them before concluding his speech with an exciting announcement. “I got some new music coming out with Drake real soon,” he yells into the microphone. “This shit sound crazy too, the vocals are in!”

Last night’s event saw appearances from tons of DJ Khaled’s most famous friends. Diddy was in attendance, and can be spotted in several of the 46-year-old’s endless Instagram posts, sharing his big day with followers. “Check this out,” Coombs can be heard saying in the most recent post. “I was telling my brother, I was thinking on the way coming here, I said…” he continues before trailing off into some shenanigans.

“Nah, I was just saying how proud I am of my brother. My brother is really gonna go down in history as a living legend,” Diddy said of Khaled. See the full video below.



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