Don Q Stops By Funk Flex & Freestyles Over “What These B*tches Want” Instrumental


Ahead of his upcoming album, Double Or Nothing, “Subliminal” rapper Don Q stopped by Hot 97 to freestyle for Funk Flex and let everybody in the game know it is not sweet on his side. 

Hopping on DMX’s “What These B*****s Want” instrumental, Don spit for nearly four minutes about his lyrical prowess and his life in the BX streets. 

“I walk in with the heat by the thighs, .357 he survived? Then he really beating the odds,” Don rapped. “You see how I rise? Crack charges, strap charges, I don’t beat both.” 

With a relentless flow, lyrics painting a picture of a rapper living in the streets and in the booth and a DMX beat, Don Q and Funk Flex turned this freestyle into a quintessential New York hip-hop moment. It’s not winter yet, but replay this in a couple months and it’ll have you walking in the snow feeling like you can accomplish anything in the world as long as you hustle for it. 

Quotable Lyrics
These n****s don’t even rap about what they actually know
Watch a movie then write a song reenacting the role
I took a compass then I found my own path on the road
I be walking through that valley alone
I can’t speak about no shootings that done happened on behalf of the bros
But tryin’ snatching my gold, then I’m clapping this pole
If I came out with it
I’m ready to have a bang out with
Out the back window tryin’ to hang out with it
For real

Check out Don Q’s Funk Flex Freestyle below and let us know what you think in the comments. 


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