Don Toliver Reveals That He Wrote “No Photos” For Pop Smoke

Don Toliver Reveals That He Wrote “No Photos” For Pop Smoke

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Don Toliver says that he originally wrote “No Photos” for Pop Smoke.

Don Toliver, fresh off of the release of his new album, Life of a DON, says that he originally wrote his track, “No Photos,” for the late rapper, Pop Smoke. Toliver discussed writing the song in a new interview with Apple Music’s Ebro Darden.

After speaking about how excited he is to begin touring and performing the album live, Toliver is asked which songs, in particular, he is looking forward to performing.

“I want to say ‘No Photos,’ man,” Toliver responded. “I just turn into a whole another animal when it drop. I turn into a whole another human being when that song drops.”

Don Toliver, pop Smoke
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He then revealed how the song was meant for Smoke: “Actually, yeah, man. Crazy story about No Photos, I was actually trying to write that for Pop Smoke, man, and I never got to go to the recording shoot that he, I think he held it in Cancun or something for a second. I forgot where he was at. But I written that for Pop Smoke man in the hopes that he’d either get on it or take it and do whatever he wanted to do with it. So that song, really, it means a lot, man. And it’s definitely one of my most … It’s like a real turn up track. Real deal turn up.”

Check out Toliver’s full interview with Ebro below.

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