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Don Toliver Speaks On Working With Travis Scott & Why “Life Of A Don” Is His Best Work


Don Toliver says that “Life Of A Don” is his best work yet. Do you agree?

Despite working with Travis Scott twice on his sophomore album Life Of A Don, Houston rapper Don Toliver wanted his latest body of work to show him exploring his own sound, taking creative control, and having things go his way. The album is officially out now and already, fans are raving about the production, Don’s harmonies, and everything about LOAD

While discussing the making of the album with Zane Lowe on New Music Daily on Apple Music 1, Don said that this is his best work yet, explaining why he thinks that.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

“Yeah, it’s definitely I feel like the best work, my best work right now, man,” said the artist about Life Of A Don. “Man, it’s been a crazy process. I’m not even going to lie, man. Me making at least hundreds of songs and choosing 16 songs out of that pot is one of the craziest thing anybody can have to do, so it’s been a journey, man. This album, it’s been a part of my life. Honestly, Cactus Jack as a whole helped me, but with this album in particular I did a lot of creative control, a lot of it, which makes me very proud of this album in particular because I just went full-fledged Don mode and just took it upon myself to try to make this album as best as I could possibly make it in the timeframe.”

Speaking about his extensive work with Travis Scott over the years, Don said, “It’s simple math with us, man. We listen to the beat. We just go straight at it. Travis will jump straight in. I jump straight in, and we just feed off of each other’s energy every time. It’s always a good vibe.”

Don also worked with Baby Keem on the new song “OUTERSPACE,” explaining to Zane Lowe that they had great chemistry in the studio, saying, “Man, I just love Keem’s energy. I love him as a person. He’s just one of those real artists to me, and I definitely wanted some of his artistry on this album, so I’m super excited for everybody to hear ‘OUTERSPACE’. It’s one of my favorites on the album, and I just love Keem’s work, man.”

Listen to Life Of A Don here, and check out Don’s interview with Apple Music 1 below.


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