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Drake & Chris Brown Catch Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Over “No Guidance”


A pair of artists claim that Drizzy and Breezy copied their track. Listen to both here and let us know if you can hear the similarities.

Another set of artists are being taken to court over one of their chart-topping collaborations. Fans were thrilled to see Drake and Chris Brown come together on “No Guidance” after years of rumors about alleged feuding over Rihanna. The song quickly became a fan favorite, the music video was streamed by the millions, and it was a summer staple when it was released back in 2019. Yet, these days, the track has earned Drizzy and Breezy a lawsuit.

Brandon Cooper and Timothy Valentine, known as Drum’n Skillz, have accused the uber-famous artists of hijacking their track, “I Love Your Dress.”

Drake, Chris Brown
Shareif Ziyadat / Contributor / Getty Images

When listening to both songs, some have found it difficult to draw comparisons outside of them both using the “You (or She) got it” line throughout. However, Cooper and Valentine insist that Drake, Chris, and their teams stole their work. According to TMZ, “I Love Your Dress” was released three years ago, before “No Guidance.”

“Cooper and Valentine claim an analysis of the beat, lyrics, hook and rhythmic structure demonstrates that ‘No Guidance’ was copied or, at the very least, principally derived from ‘I Love Your Dress,'” wrote the outlet after stating that they received a copy of the lawsuit. On “No Guidance,” there is even a lyric that states “flew the coop,” and Cooper alleged that the line was included to taunt him.

While it is unclear how much they are seeking in damages, Cooper and Valentine’s copyright infringement suit is ongoing. TMZ attempted to speak with either Drake or Chris Brown’s representatives about the allegations, but the outlet reportedly did not receive a response. We’ve included both tracks below so you can compare and contrast for yourselves. Let us know how you think this lawsuit will end.



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