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Drake Doppelgänger Trolled For Almost Not Making It Into The Club: “Certified Outdoor Boy”


“Wow, there’s really no friends in the industry.”

Over the weekend, yet another Drake lookalike made waves online after struggling to get into a club. Patrons at the venue happened to notice a man resembling the Canadian star standing outside, seemingly not being allowed to come and party.

“#fakedrake having a little trouble getting into Story tonight,” a video reposted to Akademiks’ Instagram page reads.

The original poster then goes on to throw in some other classic Drizzy titles, writing, “ain’t no telling how long certified outdoor boy has been waiting…but even tho time flies I’m sure he feels no ways [because] it’s God’s plans.”

The jokester finished wish, “wow, there’s really no friends in the industry,” followed by a string of emojis expressing heartbreak.

As it turns out, Fake Drake may have had some friends in the industry (or maybe just a lot of patience) as he did eventually make it into Story, where he reportedly got “hella bottles sent to him,” according to Akademiks.

The second clip shows the Drizzy doppelgänger partying up with plenty of bottle service girls as music blasts in the background. As per usual, the comment section is full of people trolling “Champagne Sloppy.”

“This n*gga getting posted more than actual Drake,” one person wrote. “If French Montana and Drake had a kid,” another chimed in.

“Imagine embracing being called ‘Fake Drake’ for the rest of your life,” one viewer said.

He may not be a real celebrity, but discount Drizzy is certainly getting the A-list treatment. Where do you think he’ll show up next?


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