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Drake Helps Solve Internet Issues In Boi-1da’s Hometown Of Pickering


Drake urged the Mayor of Pickering to fix the city’s Internet in 2019 so Boi-1da can send him more beats.

Drake’s influence transcends music and pop culture at large, especially in his stomping grounds of Toronto and its surrounding regions. The city of Pickering, where Drizzy’s close friend and collaborator Boi-1da is from, announced that they’ve fixed up local WiFi towers for stronger internet, thanks to Drake.

Cole Burston/Getty Images

The official Instagram account for the City Of Pickering announced a new initiative to bring pure fiber broadband to residents of their town for faster internet. The post gave credit to Drake’s publicized call to action back in 2019, adding that the multi-platinum producer can work on new music for the biggest stars from the comfort of his home.

“Drake’s call for better Internet in Pickering is answered!” The post reads, along with a photo of Boi-1da and Mayor Dave Ryan in front of a platinum plaque for Nothing Was The Same. “Remember when Drake called on the “Mayor of Pickering” to fix Internet connectivity issues where his regular producer, Boi1da, lives and works? Well, as a result of the City of Pickering’s advocacy for broadband and Bell Canada’s recent expansion of pure fiber Internet in Pickering’s hamlets and rural areas, Grammy award-winning producer, Boi1da, can now collaborate with top music artists like Drake, Eminem, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and Jack Harlow directly from his home studio here in north Pickering.”

Drake’s initial post garnered a reaction from the City of Pickering, who namedropped every notable song from the Canadian artist in response to his complaint about the internet connection. 

Drake didn’t comment on the announcement but he did repost the City Of Pickering’s announcement on his IG page. Check it out below.


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