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Drake Tweaks A Few “Certified Lover Boy” Tracks


Drake has seemingly made a few minor adjustments to several tracks on “Certified Lover Boy.”

Ever since streaming became the dominant way to consume music, artists have been given the chance to tinker with albums they’ve already released. While they never had such a luxury with physical copies, some artists have continuously updated projects long after the fact, with Kanye West famously calling The Life Of Pablo a “living album” and “fixing ‘Wolves’.”

Most recently, Baby Keem took it upon himself to update his new album The Melodic Blue, jokingly referring to the process as “DLC.” Now, it would appear that Drake has made a few post-release changes to his Certified Lover Boy album.


Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

The changes were detailed at length over at HipHopNMore, who made note of several minor alterations on “Knife Talk,” “IMY2,” and “You Only Live Twice.” According to their report, Drake can now be heard saying “flies” on “Knife Talk,” specifically during the bar “I’ma drop this shit and have these pussies dropping like some motherfucking flies.” It’s also stated that the track features additional updates to its mix.

In addition to “Knife Talk,” “IMY2” has been adjusted to feature additional ad-libs from Kid Cudi, as well as a few adjustments to the vocal mix. Lastly, “You Only Live Twice” now concludes on a fade-out, rather than the abrupt ending from before. Though subtle, it’s interesting to see Drizzy’s camp continuing to work on Certified Lover Boy, leaving us wondering as to whether or not its release was ultimately rushed — if only a little.

It’s actually no the first time Drake has updated a project after its release, having previously done so on Scorpion in 2018; you can read more about those changes here. Have you noticed any of the alterations as pointed out by HHNM? And how do you feel about artists going back and adjusting their music after the fact?



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