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Draymond Green Expertly Trolls Charles Barkley


Draymond Green let his presence be felt during his first broadcast under his new contract.

Draymond Green recently signed a lucrative deal with Turner Sports that will make him the first active player in NBA history to have his own broadcasting contract. Green has already been doing TNT’s Inside The NBA for some time now, however, his new deal with Turner Sports will have him doing a whole host of things with both TNT and Bleacher Report.

Yesterday, Green was officially announced by TNT as part of the broadcast team, and they made sure to have him on for a segment on Inside The NBA alongside Kenny Smith, Shaq, Charles Barkley, and Ernie Johnson.

Green is a very outspoken guy and he also has a good sense of humor, so it should come as no surprise that he decided to troll Barkley, who has always had some words for the Warriors star. In fact, Green decided to make it all about championships as he did his talking head in front of all of the Warriors banners in the team’s gym.

“Aye Chuck, you see them banners back there?” Green asked. Of course, Barkley wasn’t too impressed, however, Shaq and Kenny found it pretty hilarious.

Needless to say, Green is going to fit right in with the rest of the crew, moving forward.


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