Dudu Myeni ‘asks NPA for plea deal’ over her state capture shenanigans


Former SAA Executive Dudu Myeni has found herself at the mercy of the National Prosecuting Authority on Tuesday. It has been revealed that the close ally of Jacob Zuma is now desperate to secure a ‘plea deal’, following her disastrous appearance at the State Capture Inquiry.

Dudu Myeni in deep trouble

In a show of either defiance or ignorance, Dudu Myeni brought the State Capture Inquiry into disrepute last year. Her testimony on its own was farcical enough, but she committed one of the biggest sins of all – by revealing the name of a secret witness.

Mr. X was granted anonymity by the Commission, in exchange for damning information about corrupt practices witnessed during Zuma’s presidency. However, Myeni ended up sharing his name on FOUR separate occasions.

State capture shenanigans catch up with Dudu Myeni

This is classed as a criminal offence in South Africa, as it severely undermines the purpose of keeping the identities of whistleblowers secret. She was initially arrested as a result of her utterances, before appearing in the dock earlier today.

Dudu Myeni was at the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court to face charges of defeating the administration of justice, with an alternative count consisting of a contravention of the Commission Act. However, the corruption-accused ‘delinquent director’ is hoping for a lenient sentence.

Will NPA plea deal ease state capture punishment?

She has already begun negotiations with the NPA, and Myeni is now aiming to reach an agreement with the state. NPA regional spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane has since confirmed that the accused has entered a guilty plea, to ‘take responsibility’ for her behaviour.

“We can confirm as the NPA that she is currently negotiating with the state in terms of Section 105A of the Criminal Procedure Act in that she wishes to plead guilty and enter into a plea and sentence agreement with the state.”

NPA statement


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