Dudu Zuma dragged for calling Vladimir Putin ‘president of the world’


Duduzile Zuma, the daughter of former president Jacob Zuma has managed to do what she does best – get under people’s skin on Twitter. The 38-year-old stirred many reactions when she tweeted about Russian president Vladimir Putin whose troops have invaded Ukraine under his command.

According to Dudu, Putin is a true example of what a real leader looks like – not many have agreed with her.

Dudu Zuma praises Vladimir Putin, gets slammed!

“You will face consequences greater than any you have faced in history,” Putin told Western countries such as the US while warning them not to intervene as he and his troops forcefully attack Ukraine.

His actions have caused worldwide concern as many fear for the safety of the Ukrainian people.

Here in South Africa, however, people like Dudu Zuma welcome the news. On Thursday 24 February this year, she took to her Twitter page where she praised Putin.

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According to her, he is a real leader and the president of the world.

Using a clip from the animation series Family Guy that depicts how everyone is afraid of every move Putin makes – she made it clear that she admires him.

The caption reads:

“This Is Power… President Of The World!!!”

And if we weren’t getting the picture she also tweeted that she proudly stands with Russia.

She also shared this photo of her father and Putin:

Mzansi is shook

While there was a usual amount of Zuma fans defending Dudu and her father in the comment section, many Twitter users slammed Dudu over her tweets.

Read a few of their comments below:

@BraJ45801763 said:

“You have an anger problem, you thought your father will be a life state president, neeveeeeer, you need to accept ukuthi its over…”

@EarlKay10 said:

“There was a time I got to a point where I understood why you would really be writing all over defending and promoting JZ, it made sense because he is your dad but with this one, I really think you have developed into something else. Pls tread carefully, a warlord can’t b celebrated.”

@PaulKorb1 said:

“This tells us everything about your mentality and upbringing.”

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