Duke Deuce Brings The Energy On New Single “WTF”

Duke Deuce has one of the most recognizable ad-libs in hip-hop, and now he’s got an entire song dedicated to it. 

The Memphis menace is back with his latest single, giving the world a taste of what we can expect from his upcoming album CRUNKSTAR. The Quality Control-signed rapper is best known for his infectious energy and his revitalization of the crunk genre, carving a lane for himself as one of the most exciting rising artists in rap. 

“WTF” is the latest single to come from Duke Deuce, and it’s one that fans have been asking for for months. The scene in Memphis is incomparable right now, and Duke Deuce is breathing new energy into it. With CRUNKSTAR coming soon, get a teaser for what’s to come by listening to “WTF” below.

Learn more about Duke by reading our recent interview here.

Quotable Lyrics:

Fuck whoever don’t like this song, I crank this bitch up by my own
Crunkstars in the fuckin’ crowd, get buck, get wild, let’s go, let’s go
I might jaw a n***a just to show him I ain’t no fuckin’ ho
I told Wafi, “Heavy on the ice, my pockets on fuckin’ swole”
Building my brand from the fuckin’ ground up, you ain’t never gone see me fold
Lame ass n***a, we know y’all hatin’ on us, that’s why we feelin’ y’all hoes


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