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Duke Deuce Turns Up On “I Ain’t Worried Bout It”

Fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Duke Deuce’s next body of work, Crunkstar. The Quality Control rapper has been on a one-man mission to keep crunk alive in the new era, and he’s certainly done an exceptional job of that so far. This week, the rapper came through with another teaser, “I ain’t worried bout it.” The Memphis rapper takes on menacing production on the song with high-energy and his signature ad-lib scattered throughout.

Duke Deuce recently joined us for the latest episode of On The Come Up where he explained what fans should expect from his forthcoming project. “I ain’t holding back. See, I’ve been trying to hold back on ‘em with these last albums or whatever, but this one, this sh*t here finna be crazy, bro. Like, y’all not gonna expect this outta me,” he explained.

Check out the latest from Duke Deuce below and check out the latest episode of OTCU here. 

Quotable Lyrics
Tell them boys don’t beef with folks
Shit could get real sinister
Who said n***as ain’t crunk no mo’
Tell lil’ bruh don’t speak for us
Ye-uh, Ye-uh, Ye-uh, Ye-uh, Ye-uh, Ye-uh, Ye-uh, Ye-uh
I’ll beat your bitch ass with the bottom of the steel

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