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Dwight Howard Reacts To Sideline Confrontation With Anthony Davis


Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard got into a heated exchange last night.

Last night, the Lakers lost yet another game as they fell to the Phoenix Suns by a score of 115-110. The Lakers’ chemistry has been a bit off so far and fans aren’t impressed. Guys like Russell Westbrook simply haven’t lived up to their billing, and at this point, some already want to hit the panic button as the team is now 0-2 to start the season. Of course, it’s too early to do such a thing, but Lakers fans are always a different animal.

What is a bit concerning though, was an altercation that took place during the first half of last night’s game, on the Lakers’ sideline. In the clips below, Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard can be seen getting in each other’s faces, which is then followed by Davis grabbing Howard’s arm. Their teammates eventually had to step in and break them up.

Dwight Howard & Anthony Davis

Katharine Lotze/Getty Images

After the game, Howard spoke to the media about what went down and whether or not he and Davis were good. As Howard explained, the whole thing got squashed fairly quickly and moving forward, they are on good terms.

“Oh, yeah. We squashed it right then and there. We just had a disagreement about something that was on the floor. We’re both very passionate about winning. We didn’t wanna lose this game,” Howard said. “We’re grown men. Things happen. But we already talked. Squashed it. There’s no issue between me and him. That’s my brother. That’s what I told him. … We’re good. We squashed it. There’s no need to try to make it bigger than something else.”

Going into the next game, the Lakers will need to figure some things out, and the last thing they need is a lack of chemistry between teammates. If you’re LeBron James, you have to be considering a team meeting at this point.


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