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EARTHGANG Didn’t Drop “Ghetto Gods” On Release Date, Leaving Fans Confused


Where is “Ghetto Gods?”

Atlanta born duo and Dreamville artists EARTHGANG announced their album Ghetto Gods back in early November of 2021. The album, a follow up to their 2019 full length body of work Mirrorland, was said to have a scheduled release date of January 28th, 2022. Not only was there an announcement, the revelation had an accompanying trailer. 2 Chainz, fellow Georgia native, delivered a decorous yet authentic introduction to the forthcoming project. Considering the lengths the Dreamville took for the reveal, the album not releasing on time came as some surprise.

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Crown Royal

Listeners took to Twitter with their confusion on EARTHGANG’s Ghetto Gods being M.I.A.: 

While some fans were waiting on the album to be delivered to streaming platforms, some fans stated that this was “expected.” There was no cover art, tracklist, or word of the album in the days prior to its supposed release. Listeners had no real evidence that the album would be released on time, so some decided not to get their hopes up.

There is one potential saving grace for the timing of EARTHGANG’s Ghetto Gods release (or lack thereof). J. Cole, Dreamville’s founder and leader of the pack, has a birthday on January 28th. EARTHGANG is scheduled to perform at an event held on said day, meaning it’s possible that the group will perform the album and release it afterwards.

How do you feel about Ghetto Gods not hitting platforms when expected? Are you still looking forward to it? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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