EFF seek police probe into alleged ‘assassination attempt’ at rally


The EFF has made a series of bold claims on Friday, following their rally in Vhembe, Limpopo. The Red Berets say that three armed men – who they believe to be government operatives – entered the crowd with an intention to cause ‘deadly harm’.

‘They wanted to cause deadly harm to our leadership’ – EFF

The allegations seems wild at first, but EFF officials are taking it all very seriously. There is a genuine concern that leadership figures who were present at the event – including Julius Malema and Mbuyiseni Ndlozi – were targeted by the suspects.

A case has been opened by the police, and the far-left party say they are ‘looking forward’ to following the developments. Remarkably, the EFF are also adamant that the men who entered the rally with rifles had actually been sent by the State Security Agency (SSA) in a POLITICAL capacity.

  • It is alleged that SSA agents were deployed to the rally, and started by handing out 6 000 ‘Malema must step aside’ t-shirts.
  • It’s also claimed that the shirt vendor in question was bribing people with R100 each time to take a shirt.
  • Things get darker, however – the EFF say that three armed men, carrying rifles, were detained by security.
  • The suspects were found ‘close to the stage’ – prompting the Red Berets to argue that there was ‘a possible assassination attempt’.
  • The armed suspects were handed over to police yesterday, and it’s yet to be confirmed if they really were SSA operatives.

‘Assassination attempt’ claims referred to SAPS

Malema and his comrades were left spooked by the incident, prompting a statement full of fire and brimstone this morning. The party has lashed out at the government for its alleged use of ‘dirty tricks’, fearing that South African could soon become a ‘gangster-militia state’.

“They had an intention to calm deadly harm, not just to attendees, but to our leadership collective. We are now entering a dark period where dirty tricks will be used to suppress political dissent and disagreements. The EFF commends the Vhenda people for rejecting these tactics.”

“It is shameful to try and use state machinery to try and intimadte an organisation that is holding the establishment accountable. We will now follow the police case closely. South Africa cannot descend into a gangster-militia state – and nothing can stop us dicussing Ramaphosa’s crimes.”

EFF on Vhenda ‘assassination attempt’ claims

You can read the full statement from the EFF here:


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