Eish! Man left hanging after proposing in Sandton McDonald’s [watch]


Engagement proposals often leave people with a warm feeling in their hearts but they don’t always go according to plan – especially not for the ones doing the proposing. One man – who proposed to a woman in a local McDonald’s – has unfortunately become part of the small number of unsuccessful proposals and sadly, it was captured on video and reshared thousands of times online.

Man’s McDonald’s proposal goes horribly wrong

Remember a few years ago when a couple went viral and received a number of gifts and freebies after someone tried to ridicule them for their KFC proposal?

A man seemingly tried to recreate that moment by proposing to his partner at a McDonald’s in Sandton City Mall after going down on his knee and proposing to his partner who was placing their order at the counter.

Unfortunately for him, things didn’t go as planned after she turned around looking as annoyed as ever as she told him off and then shortly afterward left the store while at least 50 people looked on shocked.

The poor man, who looked clearly embarrassed, got off his knee and supposedly followed her out as cameras followed his every move.

Mzansi shares their thoughts

The post went viral as many people discussed possible reasons why she rejected him so badly. Others criticised him for embarrassing her during the public proposal. Here are some of their comments:

@qhasi2 said:

“I think the main issue here is the venue. Like you’re proposing to me at a packed McDonald’s because?”

@mizzzidc said:

“Jada was right, Men do these big public stunts for the ridiculous display of their ego. Why at the mall while shopping? or maybe it’s a token of a sorry for the worst treatment behind doors. I’m on her side.”

@S11E11B11A said:

“If he is serious he should’ve sent his uncles home. These public proposals are crazy. We don’t know what happens at home or why she declined the proposal. Ke blackmail.”

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