There have been several guest directors on Grey’s Anatomy, but apparently, Denzel Washington’s inclusion stirred up controversy behind the scenes. The award-winning actor has dipped his toes in all facets of the industry, although he is best known for his applause-worthy portrayals in each and every film on his resumé.

However, when he directed “The Sound of Silence” back in 2016, Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo revealed she allegedly got into a heated discussion with Washington.

Ellen Pompeo
Frederick M. Brown / Stringer / Getty Images

The actress was on her Tell Me with Ellen Pompeo podcast with former co-star Patrick Dempsey when she recalled the interaction. According to Pompeo, she was in the middle of a scene and decided to improvise a few lines and yelled them at the other character. Because the lines weren’t in the script, Pompeo claims Washington went off.

“That wasn’t in the dialogue. And Denzel went ham on my ass. He was like, ‘I’m the director. Don’t you tell him what to do,'” she said. “I was like, ‘Listen, motherf*cker, this is my show.’ This is my set. Who are you telling?” Pompeo added that she has no animosity with Washington and they were able to lay aside their differences.

“So, we didn’t get through it without a fight, but that’s actors for you,” she said. “Passionate and fiery and that’s where you get the magic, and that’s where you get the good stuff. So, it was an amazing experience, it really was.”

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