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Eminem Says He “Stole Black Music” On New Track With CeeLo Green


Em also detailed why he and Elvis are so similar.

Eminem and CeeLo Green dropped a brand new song today as part of the soundtrack for the new movie Elvis which is a biopic on the controversial singer from the 1950s. Elvis has been accused of stealing from other black artists, and there are rumors that he was racist behind closed doors. With that being said, it is easy to see why many have a negative perception of the artist.

In the new Em song called “The King & I,” Em speaks about stealing black art, claiming to have done it himself. Of course, Em is considered a guest in the house of hip-hop, and he understands his place in the game as a white artist.

“I stole black music, yeah true,” Em begins. “Perhaps used it (For what?) as a tool to combat school/Kids came back on some bathroom shit/Now I call a hater a bidet (Why?)/’Cause they mad that they can’t do shit (Haha).”


Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Throughout the track, Em offered some extra bars about the comparisons between himself and Elvis. In typical Em fashion, he decided to be cheeky with what he said, using “Jailhouse Rock” as a reference. While some might roll their eyes at these bars, it’s clear that Em has at least a bit of self-awareness on the situation.

Now I’m about to explain to you all the parallels/Between Elvis and me, myself/It seem obvious: one, he’s pale as me/Second, we both been hailed as kings/He used to rock the Jailhouse, and I used to rock The Shelter/We sell like Velveeta Shells & Cheese (Woo!) (Let’s go!).”

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