Enes Kanter has been on a crusade against the Chinese government as he is disgusted by their human rights violations. He has been wearing sneakers that speak to just how bad the Chinese regime is, and he has a particular distaste for Xi Jinping, who is the leader of the nation. Kanter has mostly been attacking the likes of LeBron James, and his rants against the superstar have gotten quite a bit of attention as of late. 

Now, however, Kanter is looking to attack someone else. In a recent tweet, Kanter set his signs on Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai, who helped co-found Alibaba Group Holding. Tsai has made disparaging remarks about Hong-Kong protesters in the past, and as a result, Kanter felt it was necessary to take him to task.

Enes Kanter

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

“The owner of @brooklynNets @joetsai1999 is a coward & puppet of the Chinese gov’t,” Kanter wrote. “Being anti-CCP does NOT mean being anti-Asian It’s possible to #StopAsianHate & to stand up against the CCP Human rights are not “western” values, they are UNIVERSAL values! Spineless Joe Tsai.”

Needless to say, Kanter is not intimidated by the status of the people he goes up against. By calling out an NBA owner, Kanter is going much further than he would be by stopping at just LeBron James. Having said that, it could take a long time before his actions truly have an impact on what’s going on overseas.