Kid Cudi’s Man On The Moon: The End Of Day was a monumental album for hip-hop, marking the arrival of the Cleveland-born Lonely Stoner, who rapped about his mental health, overcoming difficult obstacles, and his larger-than-life dreams. The space-themed album ended up becoming one of the most impactful releases of its time, but some reviews were overly harsh when MOTM was first released.

Most notably, Pitchfork has come under fire for handing out very low scores to albums that probably deserved higher, including for MOTM1. Cudder’s album was ranked as a 4.1, which does not reflect the influence it had on future generations of hip-hop artists, or the overall quality of the music, to be honest. Even the animated cartoon character Peppa Pig got a score of 6.5 on their album release, which makes it feel like a slap in the face that Cudi scored two points lower for an album that helped so many people. As Pitchfork has been re-scoring some of their album reviews, Cudi spoke up and responded to a fan who requested the publication fixes MOTM1 next, claiming that it’s not necessary because everybody already knows it’s a near-perfect album.

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“Pitchfork has never givin me good ratings, and here we are, years later and im still here. Its ok man. They dont need to change it,” said Cudi in a tweet. “The entire world knows, even my haters, that this album was the one that changed hip hop forever.”

When somebody pointed out that Peppa Pig had a higher score, Cudi responded with a face-palm emoji. He also reflected on how he used to think negative reviews would set him back.

“I think when I was younger I thought it would hurt my career,” he admitted. “Like the fans would listen to the reviews and not give the music a chance. Then, I realized over the years after I survived each era and made album after album, that nothing anyone could ever say would stop my light.”

Do you think Man On The Moon should be re-scored still?

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