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Erica Mena Apologizes To Woman She Accused Of Possessing Her Stolen Property

Back in May, Love & Hip Hop: New York star Erica Mena revealed that her house had been robbed in a social media post, and offered up a $20,000 cash reward for any information about potential culprits. 

In a second social media post, Mena was more specific, and said a woman named Christy Mahone had been wearing her stolen jewelry and stolen purses. 

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“So this stripper “ Christy Mahone” is now allegedly wearing my jewelry and has all my purses,” Mena wrote. “Girl be smart and give up all my belongings. If anyone knows her please contact me. I got a cash reward on her as well. 10,000 in cash to anyone who can lead me to the arrest of this woman as well.” 

Mahone shot back, posting a video showing she had called her attorney and was threatening legal action in response to Mena’s allegations.

Seven months later, and this can of worms has been re-opened. 

In a recent Instagram post, Mena claimed that she was given inaccurate information, and apologized to Mahone directly. 

“Last May, after our home was burglarized and some of my property stolen, I was informed by a number of sources that an individual named Christy Mahone had been seen in possession of my stolen property, under circumstances that suggested she knew it was stolen, and I posted statements to that effect on my Instagram account,” the 34-year-old reality star wrote. “I have since learned that the information I received about Ms. Mahone was not accurate, and so I now wish to take this opportunity to retract my earlier assertions concerning Ms. Mahone. To be clear, I no longer have any reason to believe that Christy Mahone was ever in possession of property she knew to be stolen from me, or that she had anything at all to do, directly or indirectly, with the robbery of our home. I apologize to Ms. Mahone.” 

A total 180 from her statements seven months ago, Mena walked back all of her allegations from May, and made it crystal clear that she was apologizing to Mahone. 

However, based on Mahone’s response to Mena, it doesn’t seem like she’s interested in any sort of reconciliation.

Posting Mena’s apology to her Instagram story, Mahone offered up a simple message: “GIRL BYE!!” 

What do you think of Erica Mena retracting her earlier claims that Christy Mahone was knowingly wearing her stolen jewelry and purses? Let us know down in the comments. 

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