Erykah Badu Introduces Fans To Her 27-Year-Old Fiancé, Responds To Age Critics

Erykah Badu Introduces Fans To Her 27-Year-Old Fiancé, Responds To Age Critics

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Erykah Badu and her partner JaRon Adkison reportedly have a 23-year age difference.

Erykah Badu isn’t sure why, in most articles about her, journalists feel a need to mention her age. After showing off her love with her partner JaRon Adkison this week, gossip articles were posted on several websites about the age difference between them. Adkison is reportedly 27-years-old and Badu is 50-years-old (forgive me, legend!), so folks have naturally had questions about how they’re able to have such a strong bond despite having twenty-three years between them.

This week, Erykah formally introduced the world to her man, sharing a photo dump on Instagram and celebrating their love. When people started making a big deal about the age difference, the iconic singer sent off a tweet, asking why people always feel entitled to mention her age (and other women’s ages over thirty) when stories are being written about them.

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“Why every time there is an article about a woman over 30 the journalists mentions the age?” she asked. “‘Erykah bardu’, 50 does the splits … e. Badu 50, had feelings …’ It ain’t my birthday, or death day. So, What does this MEAN?”

Badu isn’t the only celebrity woman that has had to deal with this for years. She certainly won’t be the last either, unfortunately.

Check out her photos with her fiancé below, as well as her tweet against age critics.

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