Evander Holyfield stepped into the ring against Vitor Belfort last night and for the most part, it was a disaster. The 58-year-old fighter was not in good enough shape to be in the ring, and while he is a legend, there is no doubt that he should remain retired. Belfort was beating him up all throughout the first round and eventually, the referee stopped the fight knowing that no good could come out of moving forward with it all.

After the fight, Holyfield was adamant that the match had been stopped too soon and that he had plenty of fight left in him. If you were a spectator, you know this was simply not the case, however, you can’t help but admire the fighting spirit. 

Vitor Belfort

Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Following the match, many in the fight community came out and condemned Triller for the show they put on, noting that it’s a “disgrace” that Holyfield was allowed to even step in the ring. This is a sentiment that was shared by boxer Caleb Truax as he said “Anyone who was associated with making this fight should never be allowed to even say the word #boxing again… Sad, really.” Other commentators like Kevin Cunningham said that this helped ruin the sport, and that anyone involved needs to stop immediately.

Ever since Jake Paul left Triller for Showtime, the brand has been going to great lengths to put on fights although as it stands, fans are not impressed with what they are seeing. Having a fighter like Holyfield out there did more damage for Triller’s brand than anything else, and by all accounts, last night was a disaster.

You can see what people had to say about the match, below.