On September 11th, 2001, Fabolous released his debut album Ghetto Fabolous to the world, a project that featured guest appearances from Nate Dogg, The Neptunes, Ja Rule, and more. Fueled by tracks like “Young’n (Holla Back)” and “Can’t Deny It,” Fab’s first studio project went on to sell 143,000 copies in its first week, landing it the fourth spot in the Billboard top 5.

Over the weekend, which happened to mark the twenty-year anniversary of Ghetto Fabolous, Fab found himself utterly blindsided by a surprise party for the occasion, organized by the combined efforts of Emily B and Def Jam Records. The New York emcee took to Instagram to share footage of his reaction, along with a lengthy reflection on the milestone bash.


Prince Williams/Filmmagic/Getty Images

“They got me!! Last night @emilyb_ & @defjam threw me a surprise party to celebrate the 20 Year Anniversary of my 1st Album GHETTO FABOLOUS!!!” he captions, sharing some amusing backstory alongside the wholesome reaction clip. “I thought i was going to a NYFW gig.. And i was mad bcuz they told me when i got there they didn’t have my & they had to wire it Tuesday!”

“But i finally had my 1st Surprise Party! Instantly changed my mood & energy and i ended up having a good time!!” he continues, adding a bit of context to his initially long face. “A lot of family & friends who have been along wit me on this journey came thru to celebrate with me & i appreciate them all!!”

In his parting message, he made sure to offer a piece of advice to any would-be party planners looking to plan a surprise. “But my advice, any other surprise y’all plan.. don’t play wit my bag,” writes Fab. “Cuz i almost said fuck this shit & told the driver take me home and woulda missed my own party.” 

Check out Fabolous’ hilarious reaction to walking into a surprise party, and show some love to his Ghetto Fabolous album below.