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Fake Drake Celebrates Real Drake’s Birthday In Miami, Reveals He’s From Toronto


Drizzy’s lookalike hits the streets of Miami once again.

While the real Drake was busy celebrating his 35th birthday at his Cocaine Cowboys party, ”fake Drake” was spotted (once again) at Club Story in Miami. The doppelgänger has been spending plenty of time there as of late, but this time, he even hopped on the microphone to share a few words with patrons.

“Is it really Drizzy? Nah, you dizzy,” the man said, before sharing that, like his lookalike, he also allegedly hails from Toronto. “We just riding this shit, It’s all part of ‘God’s Plan’,” he joked.

DJ Akademiks threw footage from Story up on his Instagram page, prompting all kinds of antics in the comment section. “I’m actually starting to forget how [the] actual Drake looks now,” one person wrote. “I remember I seen a tweet saying no one could make a living by impersonating Drake.. but look now,” another follower added.

Just last weekend, fake Drake also blew up online after almost not making it into Story. A patron of the club saw the man waiting in line outside and snagged some footage, which was also reposted to Ak’s page. “Certified outdoor boy,” the original poster wrote. “Wow, there’s really no friends in the industry.”

A few days later, he was spotted at a Miami club once again – this time he took some time to pose with fans, even throwing up a signature six symbol as Drizzy would.

Elsewhere, the authentic Champagne Papi has been enjoying plenty of birthday greetings, courtesy of friends like Future and Nicki Minaj. Check out our celebratory story for more details.


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