Fan Takes Red Flag Twitter Trend & Turns It Into MoneyBagg Yo Song


Any long-time Twitter user will tell you that memes are the best, and worst, part of the social media platform. 

Every once in a while, a Twitter meme will catch fire and provide some of the funniest content the internet has seen but more often that not, memes that trend on Twitter are funny for a second but are immediately beaten into the ground with thousands of thousands of meme attempts, each one less funny than the last. 

The recent red flag Twitter trend is an example of the latter. 

Despite a few funny instances towards the beginning of the trend, most attempts at explaining that certain behaviors or qualities in a potential romantic partner are red flags have fallen short of their comedic target. 

One Facebook user, Chamiya Brichelle, however, took the Twitter trend and flipped it in arguably the best way possible. 

After one user joked that Moneybagg Yo would have a “song called ‘Red Flag’ by Friday, Brichelle penned an entire ‘Red Flag’ song from the Memphis rapper, equipped with ad-libs and all. 

“Yeah, yeah, they like Bag, why these n****s mad? (Why?) // Prolly cause they sick of seein’ a n**** brag. (UH) // Wrist on froze, can’t see the price tag ! // Leavin’ the show finna get another bag (BAG) // She like ‘bae it’s the money for me’ damn, you know that’s a RED FLAG (BIG BAG),” the fake MoneyBagg verse starts.

“My b*tch so thick that booty wag (Ari!) // Cup full of lean no plane but a n**** jet lag (WOCK) // F&N clips feed ’em a whole mag (Yeah) // Money deep in my pockets that why these Amiri jeans sag (H*e!) // Hood be talkin’ ‘Why she never with her kids?’ damn you know that’s a RED FLAG.” 

Penning a third and final verse from the perspective of the “Wockesha” rapper, Brichelle completed her new record, “Red Flag.”

“Trackhawk takeoff, no checker flag // Don’t be mad lil h*e, get glad // Bae gon’ hold me down, she Angelina I’m Brad // Pitt, I made it out of Memphis and n****s was sick (Uh) // Came back with 28 acres, yeah I’m legit // You spent all that PPP money & ‘n still don’t got no bag, damn you know that’s a red flag.” 

Does Brichelle have something here? The red flag trend might be annoying at this point but if it’s inspiring bars like this then hey, maybe it can stick around a little while longer. Let us know what you think of Brichelle’s Moneybagg Yo “Red Flag” raps down below in the comments.


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