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Fans React To Kanye’s Yeezy GAP “Perfect Hoodie” Drop


The rap-turned-fashion icon dropped the hoodie as a Yeezy GAP exclusive and fans had something to say.

Kanye West has always been on the pursuit of perfection. 

Displayed perfectly by his seemingly-constant tweaking of every album from The Life of Pablo to Donda, the 44-year-old rarely leaves good enough at good enough and has been vocal about his belief that art is living and always transforming. 

When it comes to hoodies, however, it seems that Ye believes he found the perfect formula.

Releasing what he dubbed the “perfect hoodie,” Kanye took to the YZY GAP app to drop the exclusive hoodie earlier today. Describing the garment as “lightly cropped at the waist” and “heavy as a winter coat,” Yeezy’s perfect hoodie took the internet by storm. 

Fans logging onto the app to try to purchase the $90 hoodie were offered six different colorways, all presented on the Yeezy GAP official Instgram page, but were disappointed to find that an overflow of traffic had led to slow loading speeds and website crashes. 

Many Ye fans, as they are known to do, persevered through the virtual issues and secured the hoodie of their choice, but there were detractors who scoffed at the “perfect hoodie” and assumed the Donda rapper was ripping off his customer base. 

Tweeting that the Yeezy Gap hoodie was “probably Gildan quality” and that you could find the same thing on Amazon for $14.97, there was a clear divide between those willing to stand behind West and support his every move, and those always looking for a way to cut him down. 

Either way, check out the six hoodies and the internet waves they caused below. 


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