Fans unimpressed with Ryan Gosling as Ken


Barbie, a movie celebrating the iconic blonde doll, has released the first look at Ken, played by Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling.

The live-action film will be released on 21 July 2023 and stars Australian actress Margot Robbie in the titular role. But fans are a little less impressed by the 41-year-old’s take on Barbie’s bae.


In pictures released by Warner Brothers, Ryan Gosling is seen doing his best impression of real-life Ken.

With a head of bottle bleach blonde locks, an almost orange skin tan, and of course baring his chiselled abs, Ken commands attention with his cheeky grin.

The suave character dons a stonewash denim waistcoat and matching lowcut jeans, whilst showing off his monogrammed underwear.


But with the Barbie movie more than a year away, Ryan Gosling’s casting as Ken has already been given the thumbs down.

Many tweeps have taken to the social media platform to complain about the actor’s age being an issue.

@cannafox6: “Y’all did not just pick a 41-year-old man to play Ken. Is this Barbie’s sugar daddy or what?

@Mantia: “If we’re gonna do this, an actor in his mid-20s would be better suited than a man in his 40s

@Reiter1Ursula: “Let me see if I got this right: there will be a movie about Barbie and a white hair Ryan Gosling is going to be Ken? Is that even his real body or something photoshopped? I don’t know….. hasn’t he anything better to do?”

@tsuroyya: “Ryan I love you but you are too old to play Ken, honey”


Then there were the murmurings that Ryan Gosling’s Ken appearance and reveal during Pride Month was more than a coincidence. Many tweeps compared the actor’s look to the 1993 release of the “Earring Magic Ken” edition, which became an unexpected hit with the gay community.

Mattel, however, recalled the doll after members of the LGBTQ community compared his charm necklace to a sex toy.

One fan who will be waiting with baited breath to see Ryan Gosling play Ken is his wife, Eva Mendes.

Sharing a picture of her blonde hubby on her Instagram, she posted: “So. F. funny, so. F. good, so F excited for you to see this”.

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