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Following Tuesday (Sept. 16) night’s Verzuz battle between Fat Joe and Ja Rule during which the two hit-makers went toe-to-toe for 20 rounds, the Bronx rapper has come under fire for referring to Lil Mo and Vita in a distasteful manner resulting in him publicly apologizing for his comments.

While being introduced by Ja Rule to perform their 2000 smash collaboration, “Put It On Me,” Joe referred to Mo and Vita as “dusty b*tches,” which ruffled the feathers of viewers as well as the ladies themselves.

“[I] apologize to Lil Mo and Vita and any women who feel disrespected by what I said,” Fat Joe said in an Instagram Live recap of the battle on Wednesday (Sept. 15). “I don’t just love Black women, I adore them. I worship them. You are the queens. You are my queens. Simple. Follow the track record. For 26 years, for as long as you know me, you know where I come from. I love all women, especially the Black woman. I love ’em all.”

The “All The Way Up” rapper then doubled down on his mea culpa, adding, “I am apologizing to anyone I offended,” he continued. “I was in hip-hop, we was in a rap battle, I got besides myself.”

Joe also explained the lengths he went to personally apologize to the ladies. Of the “Superwoman” songstress, he gushed, “I love you. You are a queen. You are a legend. You are an icon. You did such an amazing job yesterday. I seen Lil Mo before it happened, hugged her, kissed her. After I realized that I went too far I went up to her and tried to tell her sorry. I told her sorry.”

“I told Vita sorry in person before we even left the building. Before we left the building I threw the tweet up, ‘I’m sorry. I disrespected.’ I love you guys. You are my sisters in art,” recalled the 51-year-old, adding, “Then I tried to DM her. Then I tried to call her. Then I texted, ‘Sorry.’ Then I went in their IGs and commented, ‘Sorry. I love you.’ I love you. I love you Lil Mo. I love you Vita.”

Remy Ma jumped into the fray to confirm that the Terror Squad General lovingly embraced Mo prior to the battle. However, her comments garnered their own response from the Baltimore rep who replied to Remy’s Instagram post, writing, “WHO IS YOU to tell ME how to feel. Mind ya business, FOH.”

In fact, Mo appeared on TMZ to discuss the incident, specifically when Joey Crack told Ja, “You gotta go to the crack house to find dem bi*ches.” The R&B singer, who is a recovering drug addict, called Joe’s comments “vile,” “disappointing,” and “disheartening” and shared that his words triggered her.

“And recently being clean from opioid addiction, so saying, ‘Those are the kinds of bi*ches you get from the crack house,’ that’s like, whoa! We’ve seen the recent deaths from people overdosing and stuff from the DMX‘s to Michael K. Williams. We not gon’ play those types of games because you don’t know what anybody’s dealing with so I’m glad to say that I’m clean, but I don’t know who else ’cause, a lot of people were offended.”

Check out a clip of the heated exchange between Joe and Ja above and Lil Mo’s appearance on TMZ below.


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